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The future is full of endless possibilities and the one constant question on most creative entrepreneurial minds is what the future holds for businesses of tomorrow? To some extent, that may sound vague or even abnormal to the average mind but most inventors think beyond their time and so does business leaders today. One thing that is almost certain with future businesses is space tourism, as it has a lot of potential, potential travellers and funding. So whether the idea is simply space travel, space tourism, or space hotels. The fact is that’s a future possibility of what businesses of tomorrow might become. So whether Richard Branson will beat the Russians or the other way round, there is an ongoing race to bring to reality the idea of space tourism.

3D printing shops were once an idea and today that’s already a trend, yet the fact remains this is a viable future business prospect on a global scale. With giants like Amazon leading the way for a 3D user experience it is valid to say in the nearest future 3D shopping will be a global reality giving room for innovative designs and seamless service delivery around the globe. Lastly, this cannot be complete without the mention of cars and the future prospect in that sector. Whether it’s going to water powered cars or commercially available electric cars with global car charging stations replacing the regular gas stations is too early to tell. But the fact is future cars are going to be eco-friendly as businesses and business leaders today no longer seek to make just profit alone but compete in diverse ways to impact and better the world.

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